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Biokil-Crown are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals to the remedial repair sector, offering a 30 year protected Guarantee scheme

Dry Rot

The last thing any property owner wants to hear, is that they have dry rot.


Insect infestation can cause severe structural damage to your property if left unattended.

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Damp is bad for you and your property

Rising damp or penetrating damp. No matter what type of damp you have, this is not good for your property or your health. Damp is probably the biggest minefield for remedial contractors and has led to bad publicity for the industry, mainly due to misdiagnosis with expensive 'solutions'. We can offer a full survey of your property together with laboratory testing (if necessary) leading to a cost effective solution to eradicate the problem.

Surveying for Damp

In order to cure dampness in buildings, it is essential to make the correct diagnosis during the survey, to determine the cause of the dampness. We use both industry standard damp meters and infra-red thermal camera technology from FLIR to produce detailed and accurate reports. Thermal imaging ensures we get to the heart of the problem and eliminates 'wrong diagnosis'. In the case of penetrating damp, thermal imaging can pinpoint the source of the problem. We can also use the same technology to follow up on treatment works to ensure that the problem has been solved.      

How is rising damp treated?

Our preferred chemical for treatment of Rising Damp is Dryzone. Click the image on the left to go to the Dryzone web site for full details on the 21st century way to eliminate rising damp. Please note that not all properties can benefit from the easy installation of Dryzone and will require treatment by pressure injection. Call for advice on the best system for your property.  

A damp proof course will be drilled and injected as close to the internal floor level as possible.

If the plaster has been affected by rising damp, mineral salts will be contained in the plaster which will damage decoration. The plaster will normally have to be removed to a height of one metre and replaster with renovating plaster.

If the affected walls are below the external ground level, it may be necessary to tank the wall with a water-proof membrane to prevent water ingress below the damp proof course line.

What about penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp is water ingress to a property from above ground, i.e. poor pointing, cracked render, roof leaks, gutter leaks, etc. Penetrating damp will affect the decoration in a property and can increase the levels of condensation within the building. If left unattended it can also lead to dry rot which is much more expensive to repair.

Treatment of penetrating damp will depend on the actual source of the water ingress and the amount of internal damage done.

What are the health implications with damp?

This is a difficult question to give a general answer to. Suffice to say, living in a damp environment is not ideal for anyone. People who suffer with breathing problems, such as asthma, can react badly to damp conditions. Our advice would be, if you suspect you have a damp problem, act fast and call in the experts.

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