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We are a Biokil-Crown Approved Contractor

Biokil-Crown are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals to the remedial repair sector, offering a 30 year protected Guarantee scheme

Dry Rot

The last thing any property owner wants to hear, is that they have dry rot.


Insect infestation can cause severe structural damage to your property if left unattended.

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The Borders Property Preservation and Remedial Repair Experts
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Enquiry Form

Please complete the form below and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can. Please allow extra response time over weekends and holiday periods.


01896 754109

Our normal office hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am to 12 noon on Friday.

Out with office hours, please leave a message on our answer phone and we will return your call next working day.

Address and how to find us

Lowland Timber Preservation Ltd., Unit 1&2, Duke Street Industrial Estate, Galashiels, TD1 1QD.

We are located in Duke Street Industrial Estate, Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders.

Enter Duke Street from the A72 and continue to the end of the street and turn left (it looks like a dead end, but is not).

Visitors to our workshop are advised to call first as  we may be out surveying or on site visits. Visitors to our workshop must adhere to all health & Safety notices and enter our premises at their own risk.

Visiting sales representatives strictly by appointment

Visitors to our workshop will be recorded on CCTV which is saved to secure cloud based storage.  CCTV is used for crime prevention purposes and images can not be viewed by third parties.


Company Details

Company Registration Number:  SC 229053

VAT Registration Number: 829 7378 75            

Registered Office: Unit 1&2, Duke Street Industrial Estate, Galashiels, TD1 1QD.

Company Director: Bill Zawadeckyj  

Guarantees & Insurance

All our treatment works are covered by our own company guarantee or the Biokil-Crown protected guarantee (click the image on the left to view the guarantee). The guarantee period is generally for 30 years for treatment works with tanking works from 10 years.

Public Limited Liability Insurance: We are fully insured for the work we carry out and our current insurance details are available on request.

Terms and Conditions

All orders received and estimates accepted will be on the basis of our trading conditions and any contract between us will be deemed to include them whether by specific reference or not. Acceptance of our estimate will deem acceptance of our terms and conditions which are as follows:

1. The estimate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue after which we reserve the right of withdrawal or modification.

2. Reports are prepared on the visible evidence and the results from test equipment (electronic moisture meters and or infrared cameras) on the day of the survey, subject to the restrictions and limitations of the survey. Our survey report will be limited to the areas you have identified as having potential problems. If it is thought we have not surveyed all problem areas, please let us know as soon as possible.  Unless written permission is given to our surveyor by the owner of the property, we will not make holes in walls or ceilings, uplift floor coverings or floorboards or remove pipe boxes and suchlike, during the survey. While every effort will be made to provide a complete and accurate report, we cannot be held responsible for any item later found and not included in our report. Where further investigation is required this will only be carried out at the client’s instruction. It should be noted, that in the case of dry rot, a complete estimate of the final cost cannot be given until the full extent of the damage caused has been revealed by way of a full investigative survey. While an investigative survey will allow us to give a more accurate quote, further areas requiring treatment or replacement may still be found. For this reason we can never issue a quote for dry rot works, only estimates. Any comments made in the report on the cause of any issue will often require verification by a third party (roofing contractor, plumber, etc.) or by further investigation. Initial surveys are all carried out from floor level.

Home Reports: We can carry out surveys for 'Dampness, Rot and Timber Infestation' as noted on a Home Report. It is important to note that we will only investigate the areas mentioned on the home report. Home reports are often vague as to the exact location of dampness and woodworm and it may be necessary to obtain further details from the person who carried out the survey. We will not normally inspect any other area of the property other than areas mentioned in the home report under the heading 'Dampness, Rot and Timber Infestation'.

3. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the specification in the estimate is correct, we reserve the right to make modifications to this on site when unforeseen circumstances arise. Wherever the client gives instructions involving changes in the work this may constitute additional costs for which an extra fee will be charged. Reinstatement works are based on replacement items being like for like as close as possible using materials available from local suppliers. Replacement plaster thickness is based on standard plaster thickness up to 14mm with additional dubbing out being charged accordingly.

4. Any advice and recommendations given in our reports are intended for the exclusive use of our own company and personnel. We will not accept liability for any claims arising out of the use by other parties of the information contained therein.

5. A C.O.S.H.H. Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to the contract commencing. Information from, and co-operation with the client will be necessary to produce a valid assessment. The client will be responsible for compliance with the C.O.S.H.H. Risk Assessment and safety signs.

6. All invoices are payable in full within 7 days of date of invoice. A guarantee will not be issued until payment has been received. Where stage payments have been agreed in advance these will be paid at the completion of each stage.

7. The Client is required to notify the Company of arrangements for its Operatives to obtain access to the premises. Any time lost through failure to make such arrangements will be charged extra.

8. Except where occasioned by the negligence of the Company or its servants the Company accepts no liability for accidental loss, damage or injury to the premises to be treated or any adjoining premises, or the contents of any such premises, or to any persons, or to any animal or plant life therein, or for any nuisance caused to the Owners or Occupiers of any such premises and the Client shall release and indemnify the Company from and against all claims arising from such loss, damage or injury as aforesaid. In no circumstances does the Company accept liability for the following:-

 8a. Accidental damage to decoration, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings. The client is responsible for the removal and safe storage of all items that may be affected by remedial works prior to commencement of works.

8b. Any damage to the ceiling structure, whether or not the roof space, in which the Company’s staff is to work, where it is structurally in a weakened condition, through insect or fungal attacks, or for any other cause. The Company will take every precaution to prevent the staining of ceilings, coombs, etc. when spraying timbers above them, but should such stains arise from the need to give timbers adequate treatment no liability is implied or accepted by the Company. Existing cornices will be retained were possible. Estimates for replacing cornices will be for standard cornices available from local merchants. Specialist cornices will be an additional cost.

8c. Damage to the electrical wiring which has become apparent, or been sustained in the building, or buildings, in the course of the treatment.

8d. Damage to floor boarding in treatment areas, although every reasonable care will be taken.

8e. The collapse of insecure brickwork during the company’s work. If due to the collapse of insecure brickwork or to irregular bonding of the brickwork, or any other cause, the additional unforeseen work found to be necessary, will be charged extra. We can not be held responsible for the damage to foundations, underbuilding, walls, etc. due to installation of damp proofing systems provided we use standard practices and techniques.

8f. The Client is advised to remove from the premises any liquids or foodstuffs liable to contamination during the course of treatment, not to replace carpets or floor coverings until the solvent has evaporated, not to lay “vinyl” floor coverings on floors that have been treated without first obtaining the floor covering manufacturers recommendations.

8g. Defects which are found in the plumbing. If during the course of our work any unforeseen defects are noted to the plumbing, the Client will be advised and any repairs charged extra.

8h. Damage to internal decoration by treatment chemicals during and after treatment works. The use of "vinyl" paints and wallpapers on recently treated walls is not advised and the advice of a professional decorator should be sought before redecoration. All treated walls and replastered walls must be allowed to dry out fully before redecoration.

8i. Damage caused by dust. We will use dust sheets and polythene to protect fixtures and fittings in the immediate area surrounding the works. It is, however, the clients sole responsibility to protect their possessions during the works. N.B If the client requests additional protection to be added (i.e. temporary screening) then this will be charged for at standard rates.

9. Electricity supply, on normal voltage, is to be available to the Contractor during normal working hours, without charge. If a generator has to be hired by us, the cost of it’s hire and collection will be added to the final account. If a meter requires 'Topping up' the cost will be passed on to the property owner.

10. Estimates are accepted subject to the above conditions. No alteration to these conditions will be accepted without written confirmation.

11. Any complaint relating to work invoiced should be forwarded in writing within 7 days of the original invoice date. No claim for damage can be accepted after this time.

12. Please note that due to the life cycle of wood boring insects; re-treatments will not be carried out during the residual fly-out period.

13. For any claims against the Guarantee(s) issued, the Company reserve the right to charge a call-out fee. This amount would be reimbursed if re-infestation has occurred.

14.The guarantee remains valid regardless of ownership. If re-assignment is required a fee will be charged.

15. The property is to be kept in a reasonable state of maintenance and repair. Areas of treated timber must be free from moisture penetration.

16. Guarantees may be invalidated if recommendations in conjunction with the original, or subsequent reports, have not been complied with.

17. Copies of guarantees and searches for guarantees are available subject to an administration fee.

COST OF ESTIMATES & SURVEYS All estimates are issued free provided the person or company requesting the estimate is the property owner or the owners agent. We will charge for an estimate requested by a prospective purchaser of a property (this charge will be refunded if the property is purchased and the works awarded to us within 90 days of the survey date). Estimates will contain basic information relating to the works. A full survey report can be provided at the estimate stage and a charge will be made for this report. It should be noted that the nature of remedial works makes it almost impossible for us to provide a firm quotation for remedial works and all estimates are based on our surveyors findings during the survey. Any additional works carried out will be charged for at our standard day works rate. Copies of our reports must not be passed on to a third party without our permission. We do not provide survey reports for tenants to use in disputes with landlords or housing associations and our survey reports are not permitted to be used in a court of law.

ACCEPTANCE OF ESTIMATE We reserve the right to withdraw our estimate, even if accepted, at any time until commencement of work. Acceptance of our estimate does not guarantee a specific start date. All start dates are negotiable and subject to change. While we can intimate completion dates, we do not guarantee that all works will be finished by the date given. We accept no responsibility for late completion of any works. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that any required planning consent or building warrant is in place prior to the start of the works. Deposits may be requested to cover initial supply of materials. Acceptance of our quotation/estimate is acceptance of our terms and conditions. The contract shall be between Lowland Timber Preservation Limited and the person/company instructing the works. Updated 25/05/2018: To comply with new data protection laws, we must inform you that we will need to store your contact details, email address, etc. in order to allow us to process invoices, guarantees, etc. We will store this data within our accounting system which is secure and we will hold this data as long as we are required to by regulatory or statutory laws. We will need to hold data for guarantees for the duration of the guarantee period. We will not pass on your details to any third party or use it for marketing purposes. You can view our full Privacy Policy here.

PAYMENT All accounts are due on receipt of invoice and always within 7 days, unless otherwise negotiated. Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at a rate of 5% per month above Royal Bank of Scotland base rate. All legal and professional fees and charges incurred in the collection of overdue accounts will be charged. Charges for reminders will be applied and are subject to a minimum fee of £25.00 per correspondence. Reminder will be sent from one month after invoice date and weekly thereafter. Complaints/disputed items should be notified in writing to our office within 7 days from receipt of invoice. If we are required to use a collection agency or solicitor to recover debts, we reserve the right to withdraw any associated guarantees. Requests for interim payments may be made for larger priced contracts. We will generally produce an invoice when an approximate value of £2,500.00 of work has been carried out. We reserve the right to withdraw our labour until interim payments have been made.  We are unable to process protected guarantees on works that have not been paid within 90 days of completion.                  

SHARED COSTS: Where treatment or remedial works have been carried out with shared responsibilities for costs (i.e party walls, flats, etc.), the person instructing the works in the first instance shall be responsible for settlement of all accounts, in full, relating to the works. It is up to this person to pursue the other parties for late or delayed payments. In certain cases, we reserve the right not to proceed with shared works until pre-payment for the works is held by a solicitor to be released to us on completion of the works.

AGENTS & MAIN CONTRACTORS When work is carried out via an agent or main contractor, our payment terms remain as detailed above. It is the agent or main contractors responsibility to ensure funds are in place to settle our accounts within the stated terms (unless extended terms have been negotiated prior to works commencing). Interest and charges will be applied as above starting one calendar month from date of invoice. Please note that if a retention is applied by the main contractor, we are unable to process any guarantee(s) until the retention is paid for in full.

INSURANCE & GRANT WORK If all or part of the account is to be settled by your (or a third party) insurance company, this does not change our due date unless payment is to be made direct to us by the insurance company. Our contract will always be with the client (or person who instructs the work) and never with an insurance company. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that payments are made in accordance with our terms. Delays in payments from your insurance company cannot be passed on to us and payment of the account is not subject to receipt of insurance company cheques. These terms also apply to local authority grants.

RETENTION OF TITLE AND ISSUE OF GUARANTEES The ownership of the goods and materials supplied shall remain the property of Lowland Timber Preservation Limited until all relative invoices are paid in full. We will not issue any guarantees until all works have been paid for in full.

OUR COMMITMENT AND GUARANTEE All works will be carried out by experienced operatives and covered by Public Liability Insurance. We can offer a range of guarantees to cover all works. Our own company guarantee is issued free of charge. Protected guarantees are issued by our chemical provider and are charged pro-rata to the cost of the works, typically at 7.5%.

DISCLAIMER All advice and recommendations for eradication of dry rot, woodworm, rising damp, damp penetration and any other condition requiring remedial works given by company employees, surveyors and operatives are based on our experience, training and product data sheets produced by our chemical supplier. Lowland Timber Preservation Limited can not be held liable for any failure of remedial works out with the cover contained in our or our chemical suppliers guarantees.

Terms & Conditions last updated: 25/05/2018

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