Established 2001. Incorporated with WSZ Joiners Ltd, 2022 

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We are a Biokil-Crown Approved Contractor

Biokil-Crown are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals to the remedial repair sector, offering a 30 year protected Guarantee scheme

Dry Rot

The last thing any property owner wants to hear, is that they have dry rot.


Insect infestation can cause severe structural damage to your property if left unattended.

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The Borders Property Preservation and Remedial Repair Experts

                  Incorporated with WSZ Joiners Limited


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Condensation & Mould

Don't live with condensation or mould.


Condensation is an extremely underestimated cause of damage to our homes. It can significantly contribute to spoiled paintwork, wallpaper and flaking plasterwork. Condensation invariably leads to mould growth on walls, ceilings and window frames. Mould can also affect carpets and clothing. Condensation and mould will have health implications for the occupants of the property. Sensitive people (e.g. asthmatics) can be adversely affected by the airborne spores. It is therefore important for the property owner to address the causes of condensation and to eliminate the problem. As condensation can be caused by many factors, it is often difficult to find the correct solution. It can be a simple case of ensuring the property is vented properly at least once a day. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to increase the insulation (uValue) of the property fabric, i.e. walls and roofs. Mechanical ventilation may offer a further solution. Nuaire offer a range of 'Positive input ventilation' products that they are so confident in, they offer a money back guarantee if your condensation problem is not cured after installation. 


We can provide you with the most cost effective solution to eliminating condensation and mould. We can supply a number of products to eliminate mould growth and help prevent future growth including mould resistant emulsions and paints and bacterial washes.


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